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緣起不滅, 緣起緣滅,英文翻譯!


# 緣起不滅,

# 緣起緣滅,


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    「緣起」是佛教裡的基本教義,指世間的一切事物都是由眾因緣條件和合而生起。因此這段佛學在英文是這麼解釋的:all phenomena arise together in a mutually interdependent web of cause and effect;因此,「緣起」比較恰當的英文翻譯是 “Dependent origination”或 “Dependent arising”。

    * Dependent 的涵義是 “依靠的”,因此也符合佛學裡的世間一切法因緣而起、因緣而滅。


    如果緣分走到了盡頭可用 ending 來表示。因此你所求的翻譯如下:

    緣起不滅 - Dependent originating / arising, never ending

    緣起緣滅 - Dependent originating / arising and ending  或是 Dependent originating / arising, dependent ending  

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    Hi prisoner26535:

    'serendipity' 指的是 'The faculty of making fortunate discoveries by accident';所以應該解釋成 "易於偶然發現珍寶的運氣" 比較恰當。

    但 <緣分> 在中國文化及佛學教義裡指的是一切冥冥中有註定,並不是光靠 "偶然的運氣" 而已;所以在此用 serendipity 或許比較不貼切。

    2009-08-08 09:26:17 補充:

    Yes, people do make different interpretations, you are quite right about that.

    To me it is one of the Buddhist doctrines and therefore I respect and follow how「緣起」is explained in Buddhist associations overseas, even in India.

    2009-08-08 09:28:46 補充:

    I don't know if you are interested to know more about "Dependent origination" in Buddhism, but I've found some good articles (one's even a research journal article about Tibetan Buddhism):

    2009-08-08 09:29:31 補充:

    (the word limit system can sometimes be annoying)

    參考資料: Buddhist doctrine in English
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    Very interesting. Thanks for the information.

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    Very interesting!

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    緣 = serendipity

    但是不敢翻譯 因為実再 體會不出 二句間ㄉ關係?

    若你解釋 一些ㄉ 讓我膽子 大一些!

    2009-08-08 08:29:10 補充:

    緣, in chinese, as serendipity in English, are multi-facet.

    偶然 or not,冥冥中有註定, they are all up to ones interpretation.

    I don't think there is a better word for 緣 in English.

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    # 緣起不滅,

    love affair happing, never ending

    # 緣起緣滅,

    love affair happing and ending

    參考資料: 自己
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    Origin of immortality, the origin to eliminate edge

    參考資料: Google 翻譯