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有人知道Pain in the Back的意思嗎

Pain in the Back

Back pain is one of humanity’s most frequent complaints. It’s recognizes no age, economic, or ethnic barriers. Almost 80 percent of the adult population will encounter, or has encountered some forms of back pain. In our high-tech society, back pain has become a universal epidemic and a primary reason people seek medical attention.

The causes of back pain are numerous. Illnesses such as muscle strain or spasm may result from heavy physical work, awkward bending or twisting, poor posture, and so on. In general, inactive jobs and the lifestyle of people today increase the chance of back pain. The physical symptoms of this notorious illness can range from a dull, annoying ache to absolute suffering, and may lead to ineffectiveness at work and even disabilities. Only a thorough physical examination can uncover the causes of the pain. In the United States, back-pain patients spend over $100 billion every year for medical examination and treatment.

Limited rest combine with appropriate exercise and medication is often the primary method of therapy. An ice bag or hot water bottle applied to the back many also help to ease the pain. In most cases, surgery is not required for the treatment of back pain. Often acute back pain goes away by itself in a few days or weeks. But there are always poor back-pain sufferers who just want to ease the pain and don’t have enough knowledge about the problem. They often undergo surgery, which in many cases simply doesn’t work.

Whether or not you will have back pain depends on how you use your back, both at work and at home. If you want to keep your back healthy, it is important to keep it moving and to support it well when you are staying still. In addition, use proper posture, start a consistent home exercise program, and maintain a sensible diet for a healthy body weight to keep back pain away.



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    背部疼痛中是其中一人類的頻繁不滿。 它不是認可年齡,經濟或者種族障礙。 差不多成人人口的80%將遇到或者遇到了背部疼痛的某種形式。 在我們的高技術社會,背部疼痛成為了普遍流行性,并且主要原因人尋找治療。

    背部疼痛的起因是許多。 病症例如肌肉張力或痙孿也許起因於繁重物理工作,笨拙彎曲或者扭轉,惡劣的姿勢,等等。 一般來說,不活潑的工作和人生活方式今天增加背部疼痛的機會。 這臭名遠揚的病症物理症狀從愚鈍,討厭的疼痛範圍到绝對痛苦,并且也許導致無效在甚而工作和傷殘。 仅詳盡的體格檢查可能揭露痛苦的起因。 在美國,痛苦患者每年花費$100十億為身體檢查和治療。

    有限的休息組合與適當的鍛煉和療程經常是療法主要方法。 許多也幫助鎮痛的冰袋或熱水袋適用於後面。 在許多情況下,手術沒有為背部疼痛的治療需要。 經常深刻背部疼痛在幾個天或星期單獨走開。 但總有就是想要鎮痛,并且沒有足够的知識關於問題的可憐的痛苦受害者。 他們經常作手術,不簡單地在許多情況下運作。

    是否您將有背部疼痛依賴於怎樣您使用您的後面,在工作和在家兩。 如果您想要保留您後面健康,繼續它移動和很好支持它是重要的,當您仍然時停留。 另外,使用適當的姿勢,起動一個一致的家庭鍛煉節目,并且維護易察覺的飲食為了健康體重能保持背部疼痛去。

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