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1. "Well how about that? I'm LOST! Looks like we'll have to stop and ask for directions!" (Oh man, don't let your pride fools you. When will you stop being so cocky? Nothing to be ashamed of asking for directions.)

2. "You look tired... Let ME do the washing up." (Really? So afterwards I will have to clean the sink, won't I?)

3. "Of course your mother can stay with us for as long as she likes..." (That's very nice of you, but my mother doesn't intend to leave until our children get married. Since we haven't had children yet.)

4. "Here darling.. YOU use the REMOTE CONTROL!" (That must be nothing on. Thank you very much.)

5. "While I'm up, can I get you anything?" (Are you okay, honey? Did you just have HONEY? You are so sweet. I am flattered.)

6. "Sex isn't that important.. sometimes I just want to be held..." (Of course, I know it, but everytime when we snuggle, and we end up haveing sex, right?)

7. "Oh forget the big match! ... Let's watch Coronation Street instead..." (Well, men never watch soaps, maybe some do, only gay guys do. Generally they don't.)

8. "We never talk anymore" (Sounds only women who would say that.)

I'd like to say that I agree them all. But somehow there few are just so ture. Especially, 1, 2, and 6.

#1. My husband would prefer the map in his hand. Typically man's pride.

#2. He's never done, not even once.

#3. This one makes me so pround of him. He really says it and means it.

#4. Thank god, he doesn't watch TV that much. Usually I am the one who controls the clickers.

#5. He's is a soon-to-be father. He's gladly offering it.

#6. He actually says that pretty often, but we also end up having sex everytime we snuggle.

#7. He hates soaps.

#8. He says only women would complain about that.

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    1 。 “嗯怎樣?我迷路了!看來,我們必須制止和問路! ” (哦,不要讓你驕傲的傻瓜你。當你停止如此自大?什麼可羞愧的要求的方向。 )

    2 。 “你看累了...讓我做的洗衣機了。 ” (真的嗎?所以以後我會來清潔水槽,不會吧? )

    3 。 “當然,你的母親可以和我們在一起,只要她喜歡... ” (這是很不錯的你,但我的母親並不打算離開,直到我們的孩子結婚。由於我們還沒有孩子。 )

    4 。 “在這裡親愛的..您可以使用遠程控制! ” (這必須是沒有任何問題。非常感謝您。 )

    5 。 “雖然我,我可以給你什麼? ” (你還好吧,蜂蜜?你剛才有蜂蜜?你是如此甜蜜。我很榮幸。 )

    6 。 “性別不是重要..有時我只是想將舉行... ” (當然,我知道它,但每次當我們依偎,我們最終haveing性,對不對? )

    7 。 “哦忘記重要的比賽! ...讓我們觀賞加冕街不是... ” (好吧,男人從未觀賞肥皂,也許有些人,只有同性戀球員做。一般而言,其實不是的。 )

    8 。 “我們從來沒有談論了” (音只有婦女誰要說。 )

    我想指出,我同意他們所有人。但不知有幾個是如此自然。特別是, 1 , 2 ,和6 。

    # 1 。我的丈夫寧願地圖在他的手。一般人的驕傲。

    # 2 。他從來沒有這樣做過,甚至沒有一次。

    # 3 。這一次讓我如此pround他。他說,真正和手段。

    # 4 。感謝上帝,他不看電視,許多。通常我是誰控制器。

    # 5 。他是一個即將成為父親。他高興地提供它。

    # 6 。他說,實際上往往漂亮,但我們也結束了,我們每次做愛依偎。

    # 7 。他討厭肥皂。

    # 8 。他說,只有婦女會抱怨這一點。 .

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