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The most important people的英文作文







The most important people


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    (一)The Most Important People

    I admire my sister most. That's because she is independent and filial. After she entered the college two years ago, she began to do a part-time job and paid her own tuition and living expense because she wanted to lessen my parents' burden. Though she was often tired because of the part-time job, she seldom complained and stuck to her principle of being independent. I admire her because she has a strong will power to carry out her principle of being independent and reducing my parents' burden. She always thinks for others. She would rather suffer herself than bring trouble to others. I hope one day I can be like her.

    (二)The Most Important People

    I admire my homeroom teacher, , most. His serious teaching attitude and life philosophy have deeply influenced me. he often teaches us that the real meaning of education is not to teach a student professional knowledge and skills but to teach them to know how to become a good person who respects not only his or her parents, elders and teachers but also other people in general. He teaches us to be responsible for whatever we do. What he really cares is not which college we will go to but whether we will become responsible people who can sacrifice ourselves to help others. Though I have not met his expectations, I will try my best to become the kind of person he wants us to become. In short, I really appreciate his valuable and inspiring teaching.

    (三)The Most Important People

    I admire Confucius most. I admire him because he is the wisest man I have ever known. He is considered the holiest man and greatest teacher in Chinese history. I have read the Analects of Confucius since I was a child. I also read some books about him and his disciples.

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    From his teachings, I learn that the purpose of education is to transform this world into a peaceful and harmonious one, where each one of us can enjoy a happy, moral life.

    2009-08-23 14:40:41 補充:

    And he teaches that we have to achieve this goal step by step, beginning with cultivating and elevating everyone into a moral person, or an upright person. With this solid foundation, he or she can begin to learn how to manage a family, a nation, and finally the world.

    2009-08-23 14:40:49 補充:

    The learning of an indivudual starts with the cultivation of the indivudual's filial piety and brotherly love. Obviously, he knows how to educate a person and transform him or her from an ordinary creature into a holy person. That's why I admire him.

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    因為全是手打,所以有錯字請不要見諒!如果有不懂的,可以再問我!但不要移除問題唷!^^因為我打很久: )

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