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Is it worth being an English t

Is it worth being an English teacher in Taiwan at the moment?

or is it a good idea to be an English teacher?

and to be an English teacher can earn enough money for

living expenses?

I have lived in England for ages, and have done A- level and BA


and so I speak with a very strong British accent, I know people here

who like learning American accents,

I am also wondering whether they accept British English and accents?

Thank you for reading , Cheers


First of all, thanks guys for fantastic answers

For now I realise that English teaching not really make much money or it

depends on what your teaching style,

and I am Taiwanese by the way, so it is out of the question for me to go to China

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I noticed that somthing so weird is Taiwanese people are still very unfamiliar with English speaking, I am confused about it, you have learned English in school for years, haven't you?

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    Standard English is the main stream. It doesn't matter where you are from.

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    Is it worth being an English teacher in Taiwan at the moment? Or is it a good idea to be an English teacher? I think its depends on you. I'm now 18yrs old and my dream is to be a Bushiban teacher in the future, so I've been tutoring for a few months after I graduated for high school.

    As a recently graduated student, I recommand you to teach in Bushiban, cuz you can earn more money than the national school. But it will be far more tired then. Of course, if you want to be a successful English teacher in Taiwan, you should have your own teaching style. Most of the Taiwanese students wants their teacher to have a sense of humor.Of course, you have to know how to speak Chinese as well.

    As for me, I don't care about the accent, but I do care about what my teacher can give me!!


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    Well, I think it's no matter whatever you speak with British accent or American accents.

    I think it's okay. But actually I love British accent because it sounds elegant and it's classical. By the way, I think you can be a kindergarten English teacher but you have to learn Chinese. If you can't speak Chinese in Taiwan, you can't have a part time job. It's very important to speak Chinese in Taiwan if you really want to earn money.

    Hope I could help you. Good luck to you.