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The Application of Mental Map on Exploring Tourism Destination Preferences of College Students within Taichung City


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  • 阿順
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    1 0 年前

    [Abstract] In 2004 impels the 21st century Taiwan from Ministry of Communications Sightseeing Bureau to develop goes sightseeing the new strategy, strengthens various areas to in to go sightseeing the soft hardware construction, the foreign enhancement international marketing, in accordance to the whole sightseeing trend of development, various counties municipal government also devotes in impels local the sightseeing development, however actually these sightseeing construction with has diligently had what impression in the common populace psychology? Common populace regarding this county city traveling whether by chance therefore enhances? This for is worth the subject which discusses.This research goal for cuts into from the mental map viewpoint, discusses the people regarding various counties city traveling destination choice by chance space state, the object of study university student of for the Taichung liang institute university, the penetration questionnaire survey surveys the student sample under “the same day goes and returns” and “a two days night” the condition, to the Taiwan main island 22 county city traveling by chance, the grand total obtains 201 effective questionnaire.The penetration space analysis mold train draws up the similar topographic diagram traveling by chance mental map, the basis mental map change tendency discussion traveling by chance space state.

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    The findings showed that, goes and returns in the same day with a two days night of mental map in, Taibei, Nantou County both are all high, but Yunlin County, Jiayixian are both all lower, in addition Taizhong is by Gao

    2009-08-26 13:52:52 補充:

    Biandi, otherwise south and the eastern area presents changes the high tendency lowly.According to a this result, suggested the county municipal government readjusts suitably in the sightseeing marketing strategy, arrives the

    2009-08-26 13:52:54 補充:

    line from the spot, again arrives the surface, lets the scenic spot and the county city links, can the shape model the county city the image, promotes the Taizhong university student regarding this county city sightseeing attraction.

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