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陳慧吟 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前

十萬火急--- 請高手替我中翻英





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    “the games main facility and various sports events facility control takes along into the goods project Forbids to take along into the goods: The firearms, the ammunition, rupture the goods, the virulent radioactive goods, the harmful biological preparation, the narcotics and so on. The limit takes along into the goods: The soft and hard packing drink (food), the liquid state goods, the ethyl alcohol, the brittle goods, the cigarette lighter, the musical instrument, the loudspeaker, the gas air whistle, the percussion instrument, the long handle umbrella, the nail clippers, the length surpass 2 meter either the width surpass 1 meter flag or the flagstaff, the banner, the cloth strip, the slogan, the circular, the camera, the disturbance competition electron signal goods and so on.”

    參考資料: 有些沒看過的單字我是查字典的
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