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make the outline

the topic is "How can we create a foreigner-friendly environment in Taiwan?"

my teacher want me to wirte something abt this and i have no idea.

plz give me some ideas!!!


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    1. You can start with writing why we need to create a foreigner-friendly environment first?

    ex: It is an international society and the world is shrinking due to the modern technology and faster transportation.

    2. Then how can we creat it:

    ex: some examples like Taiwan has built some English villege for students and people to learn English, so the language can help foreigners to feel more comfortable and helpful when they are in Taiwan.

    Also, more and more taxi and bus drivers are trained with English or Janapnese languages, and this will help foreigners to feel that Taiwanese people's warm hospitality and friendly.

    Taiwan should make the street and road signs' translation more clearly, so the foreigners will not be confused when they are trying to find and ask for the direction.

    I hope these could be helpful!!

    參考資料: myself/English teacher