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奶森 發問時間: 科學工程學 · 1 0 年前

請問 mock-up 和 prototype 有什麼不同




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    In manufacturing and design, a mockup is a scale or full-size model of a design or device, used for teaching, demonstration, evaluating a design, promotion, and other purposes. A mockup is called a prototype if it provides at least part of the functionality of a system and enables testing of a design.

    在製造或設計上,mock-up (或 mockup) 是一個設計或裝置的成比例或全尺寸的模型,一般用來做教學、展示、評估一個設計或推銷及其他的作用。一個mock-up (或 mockup) 如果至少提供了部份原設計的某些功能而可以用來驗證原始的設計時,就可以稱之為 prototype 。

    所以 prototype 應稱之為原型或有原來功能性的模型,而 mock-up (或 mockup) 稱之為模型,只是尺寸成比例而沒有實際功能。

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    In general mock-up and prototype play important roles for a developing phase of a product :

    mock-up : mechanical and/or ID evaluation sample before tooling release.

    it's especially for check on mechanical concern purpose...

    2009-09-19 01:12:17 補充:

    prototype :

    1. a little differentiation between 3C products and medical devices.

    2. for 3C products, prototype is a workable sample for one or many specific functional verifications.

    2009-09-19 01:12:55 補充:

    3. for medical device, it's more likely so called "functional model" mapping to "prototype" in 3C products. A "prototype" in medical device, it's the matured pilot-run samples before mass production instead.

    2009-09-19 01:13:04 補充:

    4. anyhow, a prototype is an integrated system model but not only mechanical parts of designs.

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