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胳肢窩 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前

I am stressed out.

請問我曾經在電影裡也聽過類似的用法 但是前面不是用stressed 後面也是用out來表示

請問一下有任何其他用法也可以把out加在裡面的嗎 謝謝

2 個解答

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    I've been working all night and I'm worn out.=> be worn out累垮了


    After that 5-mile run I was completely wiped out.=>be wiped out累垮了

    3.For most of her teenage years, she was strung out on crack=>be strung out 上癮


    He was whacked-out on speed, jabbering a mile a minute and making no sense at all.=>be whacked out 因酒精或藥物喪失理智竭

    5.The man worked so hard as to burn himself out.=>burn out燒盡,人的力竭

    6.This product was competely sold out in a few days=>be sold out賣光


    I was really stressed out before the exam.=>be stressed out 耽心又緊張

    8.We were all really tired out after our long journey=> be tired out累垮了

    9.I'd like to stretch my mortgage payments out over a longer period if possible.=>展延

    10.You'd better bail him out before this weekend.=>to baul sb. out假釋


    Some of the names in the report have been blanked out.=>去除文證


    The examiner will try to catch you out, so stay calm and think carefully before you speak.=>設陷阱

    13.Check it out!快來看ㄜ!

    14.Cut it out!別鬧啦!

    15.Do whatever you can to dig it out.=>想盡辦法


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    參考資料: Geoffery T., G.T.
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    一大堆類似有 out 在裡面的用法:

    ace out; all out; ask out; back out; bail out; bang out; bawl out; bear out; beat one's brains out; beat out; belt out; black out; blow out; bottom out; break out; bring out; bug out; bum out; burn out; burst into (out); buy out; call out; camp out; carry out; check out; chew out; chill out; churn out; clean out; clear out; clock in (out); close out; come out; come out of; cop out; count out; crank out; crap out; crop out; cut it out; cut out; deal out; die out; dig out; dine out on; dish out; do out of; dope out; draw out; drop out; drown out; drum out; dry out; duck out; ease out; eat out; edge out; eke out; fade out; fall out; farm out; far out; feel out; ferret out; fight it out; figure out; fill out; find out; fish out; fish out of water; fit out; flake out; flat out; flesh out; flunk out; follow out; freeze out; fresh out of; get out; get out of; get the lead out; give out; go out; gross out; grow out of; gut it out; hammer out; hand out; hang out; have it out; head out; hear out; help out; hide out; hire out; hit out; hold out; iron out; kick out; knock out; knock the bottom out; lash out; lay out; leave out; let out; light out; live out; lock out; look out; look out for; make out; max out; on the outs; opt out; pan out; pass out; pay out; peter out; pick out; played out; play out; point out; poop out; pound out; pour out; print out; prove out; pull out; put one out; put out; rack out; rain out; read out of; ride out; roll out; root out; rough out; rub out; rule out; run out of; run out on; see out; sell out; set out; ship out; shut out; sign out; sing out; single out; sit out; skip out; sleep out; slip out; smoke out; sound out; space out; spell out; stake out; stamp out; stand out; start out; step out; stick out; straighten out; out; string out; talked out; talk out; tease out; think out; thrash out; throw out; time out; tired out; top out; trick out; try out; tune out;

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