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嗚咪 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前

幫忙翻譯英文演講稿(急!) 高價懸賞

請盡量用簡單一點的單字 大概高中程度



再過兩年我就要上大學了,而我對於大學的生活自然是相當的期待,聽到許多任教的老師說,大學是你人生中能夠玩的最快樂、認識最多朋友的地方, 我認為,在大學有幾個必修的學分,那就是學業、人際、愛情、社團這些在大學中都是不可或缺的東西,這些東西一定能使得我的大學生活豐富許多,而在這些東西,並不是僅存於玩樂而已,我覺得應該想想該如何全方位的經營這些東西,否則才不會在大學四年畢業後,才發現這四年是在虛度人生,在這四年的過程中,或許會因為各項科目都是高中難度在加深因此學的相當辛苦,但是我認為這些過程都是使得大學過的各充實的必要條件,而我必揮灑辛苦的汗水播下成功的種子,在四年之後再回頭看看自己在這幾年的努力是不是有得到應該的報酬,在社團方面我也希望能夠學到許多才藝,因為高中時的社團只能單一選擇一種社團,在大學,我可以盡情的選擇我所感興趣的才藝,當然我更希望能透過社團來認識朋友!





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    Crossed two year me to again go to college, but I regarding university's life was the suitable anticipation naturally, heard many teachers teacher said that the university was in your life can 夠 play is most joyful, the understanding most friend's places, I believed that had several compulsory school grades in the university, that was the studies, interpersonal, love, mass organization these in the university is the indispensable thing, these things could certainly cause my university life richly many, but in these things, was not only saves in the amusement, I thought how should think should omni-directional management these things, otherwise talentNot after a university four year graduation, only then discovered that these four years will be in idly spend the life, in these four years process, may, because each subject will be the high school difficulty therefore studies in the deepening quite laboriously, but I thought that these processes cause university each substantial essential condition, but I must wield the seed which the laborious sweat will broadcast succeeds, four years later will turn head again has a look at itself had diligently in these years obtains should the reward, in the mass organization aspect I also hoped that could learn many talent and skill, because time high school's mass organization only could choose one kind of mass organization solely, inThe university, I may heartily choose me to be interested the talent and skill, certainly I hoped that can penetrate the mass organization to know the friend!

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    In two years I will be studying at university, but I am university life is quite naturally expect to hear many of the teachers teach, said the university was able to play in your life the happiest, most friends know where, I think, at the university there are several compulsory credits, that is academic, interpersonal, love, community is essential in the universities of these things, these things will certainly be able to make my college life a lot more, and in these things, not only stored in the play only, I think we should think about how to operate a full range of these things, otherwise it will not be in the university four years after graduation, it was found that four years is a wasted life, in this four-year process, may be because of the difficulty of the subjects were high school in deepening quite so hard, but I think all of these processes makes the University of ever fulfilling the necessary conditions for all, and I will sway hard sweat sow the seeds of success, after four years and then look at their own efforts in recent years should not have to be paid, in the community regard, I also want to learn a lot of talent, because high school associations can only select a single community, in the university, I can enjoy the Select I am interested in talent, of course, I hope to make friends through community!

    The course, the above are all looking forward to my college dream, but now I am on the first make efforts to be properly realized my dream of the University, otherwise only dream everything!

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