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20點~ 很急 !! 五句英文翻譯與回答



1. Describe the casual business attire and grooming standards (for an office) of your gender.

Ans: (簡答)

2. Tasks people or machines perform to satisfy wants for nonmaterial things are called (答案請填入此)

Ans: (一個單字)

3.The economic system of the United States is a(n) (答案請填入此)

Ans: (一個單字)

4. Things we must have to survive are called (答案請填入此)

Ans: (一個單字)

5. Why is competition important to the consumer?

Ans: (簡答)

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    3. Capitalism

    4. Needs

    5. because the consumers will have the opportunity to make the lowest expense possible for certain purchase , which prevents the seller from monopolism .

    好難喔 = = 其他兩題我不會 拍謝

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