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許永生 唱的歌原唱是誰 我要歌詞

這影片的歌 . . .

原唱是誰 ? 我都查不到 !


感謝 . . .


有中文翻譯嗎 ? !

1 個解答

  • 1 0 年前

    歌名:My Baby You

    歌手:Marc Anthony


    As I look into your eyes

    I see all the reasons why

    My life’s worth a thousand skies

    You’re the simplest love I’ve known

    And the purest one I’ll own

    Know you’ll never be alone


    My baby you

    Are the reason I could fly

    And 'cause of you

    I don’t have to wonder why

    Baby you

    There’s no more just getting by

    You’re the reason I feel so alive.

    Though these words I sing are true

    They still fail to capture you

    As mere words can only do

    How do I explain that smile?

    And how it turns my world around

    Keeping my feet on the ground

    Repeat Chorus

    I will soothe you if you fall

    I’l be right there if you call

    You’re my greatest love of all


    you are the reason I could fly

    and 'cause of you

    I don't have to wonder why

    My baby you

    there's no more just getting by

    'cause you're the reason I feel so alive

    Arianna I feel so alive

    2009-10-05 12:58:51 補充:

    我沒有中文翻譯耶= =...

    我的英文不夠好無法翻出來= =