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other than 到底要怎麼翻譯?

other than 到底要怎麼翻譯? 例如說 : They speak a language other than English. 該翻成

1. 他們會說一種語言(但不是英文)


2. 他們除了英文,還會說另一種語言.

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    its number tow

    it means that they can not only speak english also can speak another lanquage!!

    sorry cuz now i am in American so i only can type in english

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    The answer is number 2

    you can find this answer on google.

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    "other than xxx" 大約可以翻譯成


    所以other than的直接翻譯是"除了 / 除此之外"

    視other than的後面接的是人物 或 物品 再來斟酌中文的翻譯要用哪一種.

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    The answer is 2. They can speak at least 2 kind of languages. One of them is English, but now they are speaking another langage.

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    other than

    Different from, besides, as in They were shocked to find she has a lover other than her husband.


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  • lin
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    They can speak a language other than English.


    other than 就是"除了...以外"...

    Word Bank

    They 他們

    can 會/可以

    speak 說

    a language 一種語言

    other than 除了...以外; 除外

    English 英語/英文

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