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Can anyone give suggestions on road-trip from Vancover BC to Calgary Alberta in winter?

My family and I are taking a road-trip from Vancouver to Calgary, for about a week and it is going to be after Christmas, can anyone tell me how snowy would it be during that time of a year (how many inch of snow) and can I go with my 97 sebring convertible? How is the road condition compare to northern Idaho and Washington? because I am new to canada!

And I would love to have suggestions on which route to take, I heard so much about Yoho park, Baff, Kelowna... are beautiful, we arent going to ski or anything, but looking forward for chilling stuff like a good little coffee house in a little snowy town or a very historical museum that is special. Something local and low-profile, nothing carzy.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

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    There will be snow, but how much and where can't be predicted. Road conditions will be very similar to Idaho and Washington but the highways aren't as good as I-90. Fernie, along Hwy 3, is a very busy ski town, so is Rossland(pronounced Rozlin), and you can also try Kimberley and Greenwood as being interesting little places. Highway 3 is, to my mind, easier driving and more interesting than the other routes though the towns are smaller. Have snow tires(not all-seasons), maybe chains, check the weather and/or road reports before you go and during the trip, make sure you have proper winter clothing and footwear for if you have to get out of the car and walk, have lock de-icer in your pocket(not in the car), make sure your car battery is in good shape, drive only in daylight because the roads are icier at night and early and late in the day. Book your accomodation ahead in winter anywhere near ski places.

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    Well, you can't really perdict how much snow there is going to be, some years have more than others! But if you're going in Dec/Jan count on there being at least a foot of snow and plan for what to do if the roads are closed (which happens). Definitely bring chains and make sure you have really good winter tires. And if you have a soft top, prepare to be a little chilly! I lived in Jasper Alb. for a winter one year and we spent about 2 weeks in -33 degree temps!

    If you're going to calgary from vancouver the best way to is through Banff. There are only about 4 or 5 ways to get over the Rockies in this section, But Roger's Pass is by far the best choice if you're heading to Calgary, and that's the road they'll work the hardest to keep open.

    It's a beautiful drive! Enjoy it!

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    Snow tires and perhaps chains would be extremely advisable. Check road conditions too.

    Even though I am from back east (Ontario) and am a seasoned winter driver, I am petrified to drive in winter conditions out here in Vancouver because most people have no clue how to drive in winter conditions. If you have relatively little experience in winter driving, I would suggest that you get someone with winter driving experience to do it. It is quite treacherous!

    But it is absolutely gorgeous though!

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    in case you are the tenting varieties, one very distinctive suggestion is Dinosaur Provincial Park. that is unquestionably appropriate! in case you circulate to Jasper, this is a stable time of 365 days; the trees are in shade, the elk are rutting, the enormous horns could be initiating to rut.. and with fewer vehicles on the roads, it will be extra non violent. inspite of the undeniable fact that, having seen the climate forecast for Vancouver for the weekend, my wager is that the roads could suck. that is going ot be cool and moist.