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英文文章翻譯關於endangered Species

1.Some species have either been made extinct, or become endangered, because

of hunting.

2.Now, even the very earlist of humans were hunters, since they ate the flesh of

animals and clothed themselves in their skins, and doubtless their hunting gradually contributed to the extinction of some species.

3.However, it was the introduction of guns, with their accurate aim, which put

certain animals at great risk, and from the nineteenth century on, several species were on the brink of extinction.


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    1. 由於捕獵的緣故,造成有些物種不是已經滅絕就是瀕臨絕種。

    2. 即便相當早期人類就已經是獵人了,由於他們吃動物的肉並且拿皮毛當作自己的衣服,因此捕獵毫無疑問地逐漸造成某些物種的滅絕。

    3. 然而由於槍枝的引進加上其精準度,致使某些物動物陷於極大的危機,而且從19 世紀起有些物種已經頻臨絕種邊緣。