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例如台灣歷史故事~For example 鄭成功啦!! 小篇歷史故事~~

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    2009-11-06 11:25:46 補充:

    Histroy of Taiwan

    Taiwan is a small island which is located in the Southeast Asia and is closed

    to Mainland China .

    There are about twenty-four million people living in this colorful and

    wonderful land. The most early history document is recorded in 17 century and

    in this period Taiwan

    is governed by different empires.

    In fifteen century which is so-called Age of

    Discovery, European empires were seeking for more opportunities to make money,

    to get much interaction and to explore new worlds through sailing throughout

    the earth. According to the history, Netherlander and Spaniard coming from Europe colonized this island as their colony. Netherlander

    occupied the southwest of Taiwan ,

    and Spaniard took possession of north of Taiwan about three hundreds years

    ago. A few years later, Netherlander defeated Spaniard in a war and forced them

    to leave away from Taiwan .

    In the period, international trade was developed very

    well.. The location of Taiwan

    was well-located and extended to all directions, such as northward to Japan , eastward to American, southward to South

    Asia and westward to China .

    Netherlander took this advantage of accelerating oversea trade. Actually, this

    was a very important milestone which settled down the foundation of export


    2009-11-06 11:27:24 補充:

    Qing dynasty had ruled Taiwan for more than two hundreds years, and had sent officials to garrison. In the early time, Qing dynasty did not pay much attention on Taiwan until First Opium War and Second Opium happened.

    2009-11-06 11:27:53 補充:

    After these two wars, a few ports around Taiwan were opened for international business to many countries. In the First Sino-Japanese War, Taiwan was ceded to Japan in 1895 by Treaty of Shimonoseki and ruled by Japan for 50 years.

    2009-11-06 11:28:03 補充:

    Japanese took steps of coercion to rule Taiwan so that there were many civil wars against Japan dominion. During this period, Qing dynasty was overturned by the government of the Republic of China and the absolute monarchy was totally over for more than two thousands years.

    2009-11-06 11:28:26 補充:

    1945, in the end of Second World War, Japan was surrounded due to as a vanquished nation, and Taiwan was restored to the government of the Republic of China. From 1945 to 1949, political situation was pretty unstable.

    2009-11-06 11:28:35 補充:

    The government of the Republic of China and People’s Republic China were fight with each other in order to control power in Mainland China. Finally, Republic of China withdrew back to Taiwan and rooted in this island. This was a whole new life for Taiwan.

    2009-11-06 11:28:56 補充:

    From 1949 to now, there was developing step by step no matter in aspects of politics, economy, construction or civilian. These developments were precious because blood movement accompanied with it.

    2009-11-06 11:29:13 補充:

    Our freedom discussion, convenient transportation, stable lives were settled down by many forefathers with their whole life’s efforts.

    2009-11-06 11:29:22 補充:

    We should keep appreciated gratitude for them, especially when there were a lot of counties suffering wars-fighting and politics-battling situation around the whole world.

    2009-11-06 11:29:53 補充:

    In my opinion, Taiwan is one of the best countries in the world.

    2009-11-06 11:30:03 補充:

    You may agree with my opinion because we are sharing a story of Taiwan in class now instead of holding a gun against others, takes tools for farming, and even lying on the ground for suffering unidentified disease with only a thin briefs covered your bottom.

    2009-11-06 11:31:21 補充:

    (Thanks for your listening. Wish you have a good day.)



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