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Keep on and Continue


Keep on + Ving

Continue +to

Continue +Ving

I keep on asking him.

I continue asking him.

I continue to ask him.

What is different?

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    The two are interchangeable in your examples.

    However in some uses keep on implies a repetition of an action without stopping.

    Example: I kept on studying throughout the night.

    So in the above example study was the action that was done throughout the night repeatedly.

    Continue implies that there was a interruption or break to an action.

    Example: I continued studying after dinner.

    In this example, the action study was interrupted by dinner and the subject went back to studying after dinner.

    Again, in most cases the two can be used interchangeably.

    PS because your post was in English I assumed you have a general level of understanding in English. 但如果你想要中文答案請補充,我中文打字有點慢!

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