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這是我們期中英文口試,我需要這段文字的英文翻譯,請英文很厲害的再來翻,文法正確,要有流暢度,長度大概3分鐘,我不知道這段文字夠不夠,但請先照上面的翻譯,有點急,請幫忙!!謝謝 =))



請勿用什麼網路上翻譯字典,那我自己去用就好啦= =

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    Few days ago,one of my high school class mate who is now studying in the military academy school.It is very hard for them to get a holiday so he would like to have a little trip with all the high school class mates during this winter vacation.I suggested to go for mineral spring,it will be the best to go for mineral spring in this cold weather.I asked some of the mates' idea,they all seems keen for this trip.I started research for all the information,and I have found that there are actually many places that we can go for the mineral spring,and I thought maybe I should ask everyone where would they prefer to go,or maybe we can take a train for this trip,it will be nice to take a trip and enjoy the marine view at the same time.I was surfing on some of the travel site,and have discovered some nice spots,such as 台中谷關,台東知本.I think we will have a great fun and memories,I can't wait for it !





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    〈Several days ago, reads military academy's high school schoolmate, was saying he winter vacation has a vacation the date, the military academy lives always rarely has a vacation, he wants approximately approximately high school schoolmate when the winter vacation poly, comes a small journey. I proposed soaks the hot spring, the cold day air bubble hot spring is most comfortable. I asked several high school schoolmate's opinion, each person as if very much anticipates this time meeting. Therefore I start to collect the material, discovered that actually Taiwan each region has the hot spring nearly, perhaps I should ask that which county city everybody does want to go to, but also has whether to come travel of while convenient the train, on the one hand rode on the other hand the train to appreciate the western coastal the scenery, the surfer strolled several traveling websites, has discovered several good places, for example: Taichung Gu Guan, Taitung know the book. I thought that this time meeting certainly will have many very happy recollections, I started to anticipate.〉

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