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關於麥可傑克森的一首歌 請粉絲團幫忙


這首歌的名子叫什麼?? 有人知道嗎?

2 個解答

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    Nation To Nation

    All The World

    Must Come Together

    Face The Problems

    That We See

    Then Maybe Somehow We Can Work It Out

    I Asked My Neighbor

    For A Favor

    She Said Later

    What Has Come Of

    All The People

    Have We Lost Love

    Of What It's About

    I Have To Find My Peace Cuz

    No One Seems To Let Me Be

    False Prophets Cry Of Doom

    What Are The Possibilities

    I Told My Brother

    There'll Be Problems,

    Times And Tears For Fears,

    We Must Live Each Day

    Like It's The Last

    Go With It

    Go With It


    It Ain't Too Much Stuff

    It Ain't Too Much

    It Ain't Too Much For Me To


    It Ain't

    It Ain't Too Much Stuff

    It Ain't

    Don't You

    It Ain't Too Much For Me To

    The World Keeps Changing

    Rearranging Minds

    And Thoughts

    Predictions Fly Of Doom

    The Baby Boom

    Has Come Of Age

    We'll Work It Out

    I Told My Brothers

    Don't You Ask Me

    For No Favors

    I'm Conditioned By

    The System

    Don't You Talk To Me

    Don't Scream And Shout

    She Pray To God, To Buddha

    Then She Sings A

    Talmud Song

    Confusions Contradict

    The Self

    Do We Know Right

    From Wrong

    I Just Want You To

    Recognize Me

    In The Temple

    You Can't Hurt Me

    I Found Peace

    Within Myself


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