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我很喜歡一首歌 .

找很久了之前是從別人網誌聽到的 .

只有副歌 .


板主本身並不知道歌名 .



1 個解答

  • Inez
    Lv 7
    1 0 年前

    演唱 Tata Young

    歌名 Burning Out

    專輯 Ready For Love


    I don't wanna take a step back

    But I'm running on emptiness

    We're just no longer on the same track

    And it's killing me in every way

    You take me in; shut me out, you're breaking me down

    Tell me that I'm the one, but I see through your lies

    It's all misleading, you keep me bleeding

    It's like I'm burning out, burning out

    You're making me feel so alone

    Baby just let me let go

    Cuz I just can't escape your ghost

    The fir you started once is now

    Burning out, burning out

    I'm burning out, burning out

    I just fade away

    We're burning out, burning out

    We keep on burning out, burning out

    I can't find myself leaving

    And it hurts with every breath I take

    That I will never know the feeling

    Of you loving me the same way

    Have you ever even noticed

    All the pain when you look into my eyes

    Tell me, have you ever even thought about

    That I'm burning, I'm burning out