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急!!英文翻譯高手請進~ 20點

好看的電影不一定是好電影; 好的電影不一定是好看的電影,

如同那些得獎無數的電影,通常高深莫測, 鮮為人知。 我覺得判斷電影好壞很主觀,因為每個人有不同喜好, 對我來說,我覺得好的電影必須要有好的內容, 內容能觸動人心, 有育教意義的就是好電影, 我很喜歡<命運好好玩>這部片, 因為的內容警惕世人要活在當下, 把握當下, 所以對我來說, 有好內容的電影就是好電影。

如上 請高手們幫忙翻譯 謝謝!!

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    The attractive movie not necessarily is the good movie; The good movie not necessarily is the attractive movie,

    is similar to these to win a prize the innumerable movies, usually is as deep as a well, rarely known. I thought the judgment movie quality is very subjective, because each person has likes differently, to me, I thought the good movie must have to have the good content, the content can touch the will of the people, has nurtures teaches the significance is the good movie, I like < destiny very much well amusing > this piece, because the content vigilant common people want to live in immediately, grasps immediately, therefore to me, has the good content movie is the good movie.