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小 喵 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前

英文高手請幫忙~! 關於中國茶

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    Hi,today we're talking about the tea and now I'm giving a brief over you of the

    "夷辛茶壺"of purple collective teapot from 夷辛China which it use to make

    功夫茶,Kung Fu tea which it is a traditional way to make tea in Taiwan and


    And here I have 夷辛 teapot ,each one has different property and different type

    of clay and it's fire at different temperature and each one has their use for

    different kind of tea so there is an incredible variety, woolong tea or poore tea

    and what is this clay is used to make pot is not for it's glazed so actual what is,

    it's a pour inside has nothing to protect actual clay so when you make these tea

    in the pot, the pot will absorb the flavor of the tea and over time enchance the

    flavor of tea so typically tea kind of source and tea kind of world expertise will

    choose one tea they are going to make out of that pot,

    this is the pot I use to age woolong,so all the age woolong will make from this

    pot,so it will have musty flavor to it and musty smell, it has been using way too much age tea,

    this one here is used for high mountain woolong so high mountain tea is over

    1,000 meter which it's about a thousand twenty feet so this pot was fired very

    high temperature so it'sgood for making the mountain woolong and this is a pot

    which I use to make baked woolong, this is hand-made teapot, and it has very

    vertical shape and that's very good for tea to expand so it will just to expand with

    that vertical column cylinder of the pot,


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