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Three type of coffee shop

1.A multiple coffee store

Defect- have very high popularity

-do not use to develop and improve in the taste

merit – the whole cost will be higher

2.additional type situation of coffee seller

defect - convenient


merit - attach value to quality do not have many selection

3.own business

defect- higher to request of coffee

-the test can always change

merit-popularity relatively was be low

the feel of ours coffee shop


-can take out


-leisurely and carefree

the specially of coffee shop

-can take out

-the coffee design shows

chief aim


-an younger office worker

business card




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    Three types of coffee shop:

    1. Multiple coffee store

    Merit- Maintain standard service excellence / No need to develop or improve taste / High popularity

    Shortcoming- High cost to start the business

    2.Specialized coffee shop

    Merit- Cheaper and convenient

    Shortcoming- Limited selections of service items

    3.Family own coffee shop

    Merit-Taste could be adjusted to customers' demand / Lower price

    Shortcoming- Higher running cost due to less ability to reduce material cost / Low popularity

    The uniqueness of our coffee shop

    Joyful / relaxing / leisure / carefree / Stay in or carry out

    Specially feature of our coffee shop

    Coffee design shows

    Targeted customers- Students & younger office workers

    Business card design

    Logo / shop background / business hours / location / telephone numbers / specialty of shop

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