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We regret having to remind you that we have not received payment of the balance of USD 1,220,00 due on our statement for September accounts, sent to you on October 2.

We enclose a copy and would remind you that we quoted unusually low prices on the understanding of an early settlement.

It may well be that non-payment is due an oversight and we now ask you to be good enough to send us your check within the next 10 days.



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  • nung
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    1 0 年前

    Dear Sir:

    As indicated in the invoice we sent you on October 2, an outstanding balance of USD$ 1220.00 in the September account has not been received by us.

    We enclose a copy of the invoice here and would like to remind you that a lower than usual quotation was offered to you on the assumption that an early settlement of the payment could be made; hence we would remind you again to send us your payment within the next 10 days. Thank you.

    (這種信不必太娓婉, 直道而行可也)

  • cs
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    1 0 年前



    1. 銀行那邊還沒收到付款, 詢問對方是否已作出付款安排? 如果已付的話, 可否附上銀行水單(bank copy)讓你進一步查詢?

    2. 順便再把invoice附上, just in case對方沒有收到.

    3. 最後再提一下報價是基於儘早付款的考量, 謝謝對方的理解與支持.