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Strike off和 Sample的差別?

Strike off有樣品的意思

那請問Strike off 和 Sample的用法有什麼差別嗎?

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    Strike off是用在纺織布料上之特別用語

    A strike off” is a sample of your particular design. It will display your design (or a portion of your design, depending upon how large), using your chosen fabrics and your specific color choices. In most cases, when designers create custom rugs they will order a strike off to show their clients what they will be receiving, or they will order several strike offs with a few variations in each to give their client a choice of which they may prefer.

    選擇特定之布料與花色作成其特有設計之"布樣"就叫 Strike off,服裝設計師大都會先訂一些布樣作成品展示,供顧客作參考


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    Strike Offs