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翻譯一小段 有關商業類的文章 急!!

翻譯一小段 有關商業類的文章

CASE:THE JAVA Lounge-Adjusting Saudi Arabian Culture

Saudi Arabia (see map 2.1) is a land of contrasts and para-doxes. It boasts supermodern cities. but strict religious convictions and ancient social customs often clash with the reality of the modern world. Granted Saudi authorities some-times allow some latitude in the enforcement of laws and customs. In addition ,the observance of some customs has become more lax. Even so, because standards of enforcement conservative than those of Saudi Arabia. All had experi-enced foreign restaurants and sampled foreign nightlife and reasoned there were restaurant/lounge like those they knew abroad. However because they weren’t 100 percent sure they hired a firm of Lebanese consultants to research their business concept.

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    沙特阿拉伯(參見地圖2.1)是對比和矛盾土地。 它吹噓supermodern城市。 但嚴密的宗教信念和古老社會風俗與現代世界的現實經常撞擊。 被授予的沙特當局在法律和風俗的執行有時允許某一緯度。 另外,有些風俗遵守變得更加鬆馳。 即使如此,因為執行保守性標準比那些沙特阿拉伯。 所有體驗了他們知道海外的外國餐館,并且被抽樣的外國nightlife和辯解那裡是餐館或休息室,如那些。 然而,因為他們不是100%肯定的他們雇用黎巴嫩顧問企業研究他們的企業概念。

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