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Figure 7.2 shows the alternating stress ratio as a function of the mean stress ratio for axially loaded cast iron. The figure is skewed, since the compressive strength is

typically several times greater than the tensile strength. Until recently, the use of

brittle materials in a fatigue environment has been limited to gray cast iron in

compression. Now, however, carbon fibers and ceramics have had significant usage in fatigue environments.

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  • 阿光
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    1 0 年前

    圖7.2與為沿軸方向裝的鑄鐵的平均的壓力比率有關顯示交變應力比率。 因為壓縮的力量通常比抗拉的力量大幾倍,數字被曲解。 直到最近,使用脆的材料在疲勞環境裡局限于灰色的鑄鐵處于受壓中。 現下,不過,碳纖維和陶器已經在疲勞環境裡有顯著的用法。

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