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DKNY就是Donna Karan New York的縮寫。Donna Karan慣用<黑色>來表達自己的服裝,但不同於一般設計師,她的黑很女性,並且善用布料,從女性自身作為設計原點,企圖在美觀與舒適間找到一種平衡。而DKNY則是於一九八八年,以她女兒Gabby的生活為設計源頭,正試推出的品牌,並隨著女兒的成長,不斷豐富她的設計,因此緊貼著時勢的脈動。DKNY Men, DKNY Jeans, DKNY童裝, DKNY配件,內衣等週邊商品,也隨之開發出線。

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    DKNY is the acronym for Donna Karan New York. Donna Karan usually

    expresses her clothing with black. Diffrernt from other designers, her black is

    quite feminine. To design with the female point of view, she takes the advantage of fabric to achieve a balance between confort and beauty.

    DKNY was the brand to originate with the life of her daughter, Gappy, since

    1988. She has contiously enriched her design with the groewth of her daughter,

    therefor to adhere the fashion variation. She also developed some merchandise

    as weel, like DKNY Men, DKNY Jeans, DKNY Kids, DKNY accessaries, and underwears.

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    修改一下 - - > between comfort and beauty.

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    修改一下 - - > growth of her daughter

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    DKNY就是Donna Karan New York的縮寫。Donna Karan慣用&lt;黑色&gt;來表達自己的服裝,但不同於一般設計師,她的黑很女性,並且善用布料,從女性自身作為設計原點,企圖在美觀與舒適間找到一種平衡。而DKNY則是於一九八八年,以她女兒Gabby的生活為設計源頭,正試推出的品牌,並隨著女兒的成長,不斷豐富她的設計,因此緊貼著時勢的脈動。DKNY Men, DKNY Jeans, DKNY童裝, DKNY配件,內衣等週邊商品,也隨之開發出線。

    DKNY is the Donna Karan New York abbreviation. Donna the Karan habitually using expresses own clothing, but is different with the common designer, her black very female, and makes good use of the cotton material, designs the zero point from feminine own achievement, attempted in artistic and comfortable finds one kind of balanced. But DKNY is in 1988, take her daughter Gabby life as the design source, is trying the brand which promotes, and along with daughter&#039;s growth, enriches her design unceasingly, therefore is clinging the current situation pulsation. DKNY Men, DKNY Jeans, DKNY children&#039;s clothing, DKNY fitting, underwear and so on peripheral commodity, also along with it development going beyond a line.

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    DKNY is the abbreviation of Donna Karan New York . Donna Karan is used to

    express her clothes by Black, she is different from the other designer, Her

    black is quite feminine and she knew her fabric,searching for female

    themselves as a starting point of design, she attempted to find a balance

    between beauty and comfort, DKNY starts her design in 1998, her design

    source originally from (Gabby) her daughter&#039;s life, she was trying to launch the

    brand. Following her daughter&#039;s growth has enriched her design, therefore, it

    remained close to the pluse of the current trend.

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    DKNY Men, DKNY Jeans, DKNY Junior, DKNYaccessories,underwear and other commodities aslo followed with the development of line.