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    Typhoon Morakot國外新聞:1 Million Chinese Flee Typhoon Morakot - CBS News

          Hundreds missing as typhoon Morakot mudslide buries Taiwan village -

          Typhoon survivors find sanctuary in school -

          MORAKOT: THE AFTERMATH: Charities, NGOs pitch in to help clean-up efforts - Taipei Times

          Taiwan President Is Target of Anger After Typhoon - The New York Times

          Taiwan village wiped out by storm - Al Jazeera English

          Extra troops for Taiwan rescue - BBC NEWS

          Hundreds still missing from Taiwan mudslide -

          Typhoon Morakot -

          Taiwan scrambles to rescue villagers - Bangkok Post

          Typhoon buries Taiwan village in mud - Los Angeles Times

          Relief work follows typhoon Morakot -

    An elderly man is carried from a helicopter to a

    high school in Chishan, in Taiwan's Kaohsiung county on August 10, 2009

    after being airlifted from the southern village of Shiao Lin.


    A man stands on a roof as he awaits rescue in

    heavy flooding in Taimali, south-eastern Taiwan's Taitung county on

    August 8, 2009 during Typhoon Morakot.


    A hotel building leans before falling in a heavily

    flooded river after Typhoon Morakot hit Taitung county, Taiwan, Sunday,

    Aug. 9, 2009. The six-story hotel collapsed and plunged into the river

    Sunday morning after floodwaters eroded its base - all 300 people in

    the hotel had been evacuated and uninjured, officials said.


    Evacuees sit on top of a military vehicle as

    rescuers search the flooded area for people after rains brought by

    Typhoon Morakot inundated the area in Chiatung, Pingtung county, in

    southern Taiwan, on August 9, 2009.


    A man trapped by floods gestures at rescuers

    delivering food and drinking water after Typhoon Morakot hit Pingtung

    county, southern Taiwan August 9, 2009.


    Two women hold each other in a local emergency

    room after being rescued by helicopter from a village covered in a

    landslide from Typhoon Morakot in Kaohsiung county, southern Taiwan,

    Monday. Aug. 10, 2009.