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哀 救救沒有英文程度我吧

哀 救救沒有英文程度我吧

麻煩中翻英 作文題目my favorite....


I most liked the matter which did being supposed to swim, in childhood the body because was not good often falls ill, therefore mother hoped that I and my brother studied the swimming, caused the bodily strong spot, in childhood studied the swimming to think is laborious, but after growing up, then slowly became own interest, whenever thought the movement or relieved the pressure time, then might solve because of the swimming, now I also bring this specialty the human who the help were more needs to help, I have joined Red Cross's aquatic lifesaving, hoped that could penetrate me to study in childhood me, brings helps others.

這是翻譯軟體的 幫我修改潤試一下 用字簡單點沒關係




= =ㄟ~是中翻英啦

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    你好..我覺得這個英文作文題目好像寫的有點短. 而且不符合作文的要領. 要領就是在於 起,承,轉,合.. 最少要分四段. 這是建議.. 不管如何..你要的翻譯如下..

    Swimming is my most favorite sport. I remember, when I was young, I was in poor health so mother hoped that my brother and I learnt swimming. She thought, swimming is good for our health. I felt, leraning swimming was very hard in childhood but now it became my interest bit by bit after growing up. Whenever I want to exercise or relaxed I will go to swim. Now, it become my skill and I use this skill to help these people who are needed. I also joined Red Cross's aquatic lifesaving. I wish I can use this skill to help more people.


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    My most favorite activity is swimming. Since I was easy to get cold when I was a child, my mom registered a swimming lesson for my brother and I in order to make our bodies stronger. Swimming became one of my interests even though it was difficult for me to learn while I was young. I usually go swimming as part of my exercise and as a tool of relieving stresses. Moreover, I dedicated the skill I have learned to Red Cross and became a lifeguard to help more people who need to be helped.

    英文最忌諱的就是用翻譯機 所以下次寫作文時 還是要用點心自己寫喔;)

    最後幾句有點重複了 所以我幫你改成了一句


    參考資料: myself
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