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關於”code of chivalry”

code of chivalry

- What is it?

-Why is it created?



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  • 1 0 年前

    What is it?

    The code of chvalry is the rule for knights to follow in the Middle Age. For example, knights should help non-combanants and be loyal to their king.

    Why is it created?

    Because most knights were not well educated at that time, the church was afraid that knights would abuse their power. Also, knights were the main fighting power during the Middle Age. The church created the code of chvalry to make sure that knights would not become problems.

    code of chivaly就是騎士精神(中世紀)

    那時候因為中世紀騎士大部分都沒受過教育,教堂為了避免騎士們濫用他們的武力 所以制定了這些規則

    舉例:對自己的領主忠誠, 剷除異教徒,幫助弱小等等

    參考資料: 最近ENG10剛好在上==
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