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    Today I'm gonna show you how to make one of very famous chinese,


    acturally it's 考克勒斯(一間餐廳名,我不會拼,我不是那邊的人), dim sum.


    It's called shumai. what's the ingredient you need?

    他叫做,燒賣. 你需要甚麼食材呢?

    You need ahh some stuff inside.


    Very basically, it's cooked rice, and some BBQ pork today i use.

    很基本的, 這是熟的飯,和一些燒肉...這是我今天使用的

    And you need wraps.


    you go to chinese grocery store to get a won-ton wrap.


    Or you can directly say shumai wraps.


    the won-ton wrap, the thin one.

    這餛飩皮, 是薄的那種

    Usually two kinds, the thick one and the thin one.


    You need the thin one of won-ton wraps.


    This rice. i cooked. i used vivo rice to conbine with some sweet rice.

    這個米呢,我煮熟了. 我用vivo 米去混和甜米而成

    2009-12-07 14:31:04 補充:

    I use one cup of vivo rice and half cup of sweet rice, and two cups of water


    to use my rice cooker to cook this steamed rice. already.


    Becuase these vivo rice is combined with five different kinds of rice,


    2009-12-07 14:31:22 補充:

    red rice, black rice, whole wheat, whole brown jasmine rice,


    and whole oats, black oats, that's why it's to now this kindda color.

    和黑燕麥. 這就是為甚麼是這種顏色了..

    But this is all natural.


    2009-12-07 14:32:26 補充:

    And of couse, compare with white rice, it's much more healthier choice.

    而且當然,跟普通白米比起來. 這個是一個比較營養的選擇

    Now im going to fix it. You need to cool it down to the room temperature, but not too cold.

    現在,我要來做點心了 你需要將它放冷,要跟室溫一樣...但是不是冷的

    2009-12-07 14:32:51 補充:

    not ice cold. absolutely. Room temperature will be perfect. Im going to season it.

    當然,也不是冷凍庫的冷. 室溫是最好的 接下來,我藥來調味...

    A little bit about one T-Spoon of sugar, five spice powder.

    一點點,大概1大匙的糖, 5 匙的香味粉

    You can get this at any kind of chinese grocery store.


    2009-12-07 14:32:57 補充:

    I put about one forth T-sppon.


    And i put some light soy sauce about one T-spoons.

    然後我放一點清醬油,大概 1大匙

    2009-12-07 14:33:16 補充:

    You can adjust to your taste. You can taste it. You can try, This is all cooked.

    你可以依你口味調整. 你可以嚐嚐 你事事看 這些米都是熟的

    Then now i chopped some ginger root. you mince it very fine.

    然後,我剁碎一些老薑, 你把它切得非常碎

    because it has a strong fiber to mince it to very fine.

    因為它有很多纖維, 所以把它剁得很碎很碎

    2009-12-07 14:33:35 補充:

    Half T-Spoon of ginger root.


    and one T-spoon of chopped green onion.


    And about three forth cup of BBQ pork, chinese, this is chinese style BBQ pork.

    還需要四分之三杯的燒肉, 中國, 中國式的燒肉

    2009-12-07 14:33:48 補充:

    I got at chinese restaurant. It's 考得特斯 restaurant.

    我在中國餐廳買的 ...是考得特斯的餐廳

    You can buy it. They have in the box. Or ask for one pound, even half pound.

    你可以買 他們會放在盒子 你可以要求一磅,或者甚至只有半磅

    Any way. If you want it, you ask them to wrap it, and to go in the box.

    不敢怎樣, 如果需要, 你叫他們幫你打包,然後放在盒子帶走

    2009-12-07 14:33:59 補充:

    I cut it in small cube about one sixth inch size.

    我把燒肉切成正方形...大概 六分之一 呎的大小

    Put it in. Stir whole thing together evenly.


    Now, the steamed rice become the mixture, of course, flavorful.

    現在, 飯混合了所有東西 當然,很美味

    2009-12-07 14:34:11 補充:

    That's the ingredients for my shumia, dim sum.


    After it, it's mixed very well now.

    在於攪拌後 所有的東西的混合在一起了...

    2009-12-07 14:34:21 補充:

    I can wrap it. Now im making shumia. Shumia, the won-ton wrap.

    我可以來包它了 現在我要做點心了. 燒賣.或餛飩皮

    One piece at once. One piece for one shumia.

    一片一次 一片包一個點心

    2009-12-07 14:34:33 補充:

    Put it one hand. and then you put the stuff in about one T-spoon and half once.

    薑皮放在手.. 然後放一點內餡...大概一又半大匙

    Put in hand. And naturally, you just wrap it lightly, slowly,

    放在手中... 而且自然的...你就把內餡慢慢的,輕輕的包起來

    and you know the cooked rice a little bit sticky.


    2009-12-07 14:34:43 補充:

    So it's naturally let the skin let the wrap close it to touch it.


    any way. not naturally. just stick on that. stick together.

    不管了.. 不自然....就只要把它黏起來就可以了

    We're going to steam it later, so not the boil.


    Dont worry to break it .


    2009-12-07 14:34:54 補充:

    This shape, you do not want to close the whole thing totally on top.

    就是這個形狀 你不需要把整個線都包起來,

    You want to give it to a naked. And let the stuffing a little bit,

    讓她的上頭是裸露的 而且讓內餡...

    ahh you can see from outside.


    2009-12-07 14:35:21 補充:

    This shape is kindda like you know the fruit, what's called pomegranate.


    the shape. That's the shumia. I put in my steamer one by one.

    就是這個形狀. 這是燒賣 我要放進去我的蒸籠一個接一個

    Make it one by one, and put next to it

    讓他們一個接一個 , 一個在一個的旁邊

    2009-12-07 14:35:49 補充:

    but apart from each other about a half inch in between.


    You can use T-spoon, but one half T-spoon is among for one.

    你可以使用湯匙, 但是半大匙就可以做一個的量的

    I use chopsticks, this is easier for me. Just naturally put them together.

    我使用筷子 筷子對我來說比較容易 就很自然的把他們黏在一起

    2009-12-07 14:36:07 補充:

    You can squeeze it a little but like this way, done... easy hun?

    你可以輕輕的壓他 就好像我這樣..... 完成了,簡單吧!!

    I will do the rest the same way.


    HI, im going to cook my shumai, steam my shumai.

    HI. 我要來煮點心了,要來蒸他

    2009-12-07 14:36:18 補充:

    By the way, if you make a lot, you dont want to steam and eat at once.

    開個話題, 如果你做很多燒賣 , 可是你又不想要一次蒸完或吃完...

    You can freeze it. Put them into plastic bag.

    你可以把他冷凍起來 . 放在塑膠袋裡

    And when any time you want it, just get it out from the freezer.

    然後當你想吃的時候 再把他從冰箱裡拿出來...

    2009-12-07 14:36:28 補充:

    Dont need to defrost. Just directly steam it for a longer time, for ten mins.

    不需要解凍 就直接把它放進蒸籠,但要蒸久一點...大概十分鐘

    But today cause it's fresh. I steam it only for five mins.

    但今天的食材是新鮮的 我只需要蒸五分鐘

    Remember dont cook it too long. cause inside the stuffing is cooked.

    記得不要蒸太久 因為內餡是熟的

    2009-12-07 14:39:43 補充:

    Steamed rice, and BBQ pork. Any thing is cooked,

    熟的米 和 燒肉 .... 都是熟的

    but the outside the little wrap, very thin wrap.

    但外皮是一成薄薄的皮 非常薄

    OK. Im going to put into the steamer. The steamer should have some water.

    好了 我要放進蒸籠了 這個蒸籠呢...要有水...

    2009-12-07 14:39:55 補充:

    Of couse, in the bottom, right!

    當然 水要放下面

    About one inch and half. Bring to boil.

    大概一又和吋的水 並且讓它滾...

    Then you put the shumai in. Be very careful, do not want to burn your hand.

    然後你可以放盡點心了 但小心點, 不要燙到你的手

    2009-12-07 14:40:09 補充:

    Very quick, and cover it to steam it about five to six mins.

    非常快的 蓋上蓋子去蒸他...大概五大六分鐘

    We'll be done very soon.


    Hi, my shumai is done for steaming 5 mins.

    HI, 我的燒賣完成囉!! 大概五分鐘而已

    2009-12-07 14:40:22 補充:

    Open the led, uncover it. take off to the bamboo steamer.

    打開蓋子.... 將竹籃拿起...

    Be careful, dont want to burn your hand.


    It's very hot. OK. Bring it to a bigger plate. and bring it to table.

    非常燙 好了... 把他換到一個較大的盤子上,然後在端上桌

    2009-12-07 14:40:33 補充:

    People use chopsticks, and take them to individual plate to eat.

    通常大家都是用筷子... 然後把它分到小盤裡吃...

    This is for the moring breakfast, with cups of tea, cups of soy milk.


    Very delicious.


    2009-12-07 14:40:45 補充:

    Today im using BBQ pork.. mix the stuffing together with the rice,

    今天我用的是燒肉 .... 混和米一起

    whole grain rice. Acturally you can use ...

    還有五穀米... 事實上大家可以使用...

    not the minced grounded chineses BBQ.


    2009-12-07 14:42:03 補充:

    Probably you can use any kinnda BBQ if you have.


    If you got party, some leftover BBQ. BBQ pork, chicken.


    You can use ,,, OK, then cut it into small pieces.

    你都可以用 恩,然後把它切的碎碎

    2009-12-07 14:42:12 補充:

    And stir, mix with your steamed rice, and wrap it.

    然後攪拌他, 把他們混和煮熟的飯一起...然後再包起來

    Very easy , very delicious. Hope you enjoy it. THANKS FOR WATCHING.

    非常簡單 非常美味 希望你喜歡.... 謝謝觀賞

    2009-12-07 14:43:25 補充:


    嗯嗯... 希望有幫助到你...

    還有 VIVO RICE 是一種無糖米...你可以上網查,就不多做解釋...



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