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有關Taylor Swift 那首Love Story~~

請問Taylor Swift 的Love Story是說什麼的喔?!




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    The music video itself speaks of Romeo-and-Juliet love story where Taylor plays the part of Juliet while Justin Gaston plays Romeo. They are shown to be attracted to each other during their first meeting in a dance ball, and decide to follow up their love-at-the-first-sight with a midnight date in a garden.


    The story begins with Taylor seeing a guy, that is sitting under a tree in the present day, played by Justin Gaston. Then, there are some flashbacks and present scenes. Taylor Swift, dressed in a ball gown, is singing outside a castle while waiting for her version of Mr Right. There are some scenes alternate with her singing and the past, where she is dancing during a gala with Justin Gaston.

    At the end of the video, the scene comes back to the present. The guy is sitting on the grass leaning against a tree then he got up, and they approach each other....

    A few facts:

    This song has received criticism as the story of Romeo and Juliet is considered a tragedy rather than a love story. It has been expressed that the song implies a false representation of the true ideals of Shakespeare play, and creates a widespread mis-education of classic literature.

    The present-day scenes were filmed at Cumberland University in Lebanon, Tennessee, while the performance shots were shot at Castle Gwynn, just outside of Nashville, Tennessee.

    Love Story is written and recorded by country artist Taylor Swift. It is the first single from her second album, Fearless. The song was released in September 2008.

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