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After maintenance tasks, all safety features removed must be correctly re-fitted.

The safety features and their protective action must be checked by an expert prior to placing the tool in operation.

Removing, disengaging and / or bypassing safety features (covers, trim panels, starting lever, etc.) and/or safety

guards can cause injury or damage and are therefore strictly forbidden by the manufacturer!

The manufacturer provides a warranty for the MBX ® Bristle Blaster ® in accordance with its general terms and conditions.

Claims under the warranty will be void if:

-- Damage is caused by improper operation,

-- Repairs or modifications are made by unauthorised individuals,

-- Accessories and spare parts are used that are not suitable for the MBX ® Bristle Blaster ®.

Malfunctions must be reported immediately on detection. The MBX ® Bristle Blaster ® must be marked correspondingly.

Defects are to be repaired without delay to minimise damage and to avoid degrading the safety of the tool. Claims

under the warranty will be rendered void if this instruction is not followed.

4. Utilisation in zone 1 (category 2 equipment in accordance with ATEX 94/9/EC)

The MBX ® Bristle Blaster ® pneumatic can be used for machining the following metals in zone 1: carbon steel, freecutting

steel, manganese steel, nickel steel, chromium nickel steel, molybdenum steel, chromium steel, chromium

vanadium steel, silicon steel and chromium nickel austenitic steel (all rusting or free of rust independent of the degree

of rusting), stainless steel, tungsten, copper and aluminium. Usage of the device in zone 0 is not approved.

It is not allowed to machine the following materials in zones 1 or 2:

-- Magnesium, zinc, lithium, boron, titanium, zirconium, thorium or uranium.

The usage of one and the same belt for different materials is not allowed.

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    製造商遵照MBX Bristle Blaster (公司名稱吧)的一般項目與條件給予保證。





    偵查到故障必須立即報告,MBX Bristle Blaster 必須被等同會知。

    瑕疵(有故障問題) 會立即修復,不會延誤,以降低損壞換,並避免降低安全性。如果本手冊沒有被遵守,不給予保證。

    4.在第1區的使用(利用) (匹配ATEX94/9/EC的 類別2 設備)

    MBX Bristle Blaster 氣動的(工具) 可用於 1 區的下列金屬加工:碳鋼、自由裁切鋼、錳鋼、鎳鋼、鉻鎳鋼、鉬鋼、鉻鋼、鉻釩鋼、矽鋼和鉻鎳austenitic鋼 (生鏽或不生鏽)、不鏽鋼、 鎢、銅和鋁。不可使用0區的裝置。



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