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    Everyone knows that corruption is not a good thing at all. It could only bring

    about bad common practices and hinder economy. Most corruptionists or those takinging bribes are entrepreneurs, government officials, and political figures because there are lots of opportunities for corruptions in their jobs; besides, there

    is nobody to monitor, supervise, or examine them. Unfortunately these people

    are those who can affect the people, the society and the nation. Like Mr. Chen, Sui-Bian, he was a highly expected president of the nation when inaugurated,

    but he took or made billions of black money during his 8-year presidency. The

    corruption of the president of a certain nation can not only lead to the great humiliation from other nations and people, but also seriously deters the investment

    desires of foreign industries to the nation, in this case, Taiwan. Eventually, it

    would cause the total fall of the nation.

    The greatest negative influence of corruption is that it destroys morality, ethics, and development of personality, and distorts social values.The greedy, corrupt

    side of human nature seems to scrutinize people with power and with money.

    Once they forsake honesty and integrity, it is equal to declare that the

    long-term built reputation of governments and industries is sacrificed, and so is

    the welfare of people. We all know that serious corruption will usually result in

    critical deficiency of investments, especially from foreign investors. We can not change what have already happened in the past; all we could do is just to

    educate our next generation, and leave them no more bad examples to follow.

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    The human are the entrepreneur, the government workers and the political figure, because they work on have many embezzlement opportunities, in addition does not have other people to monitor the surveillance and the examination. However these people are also may affect the people, the society and the country. Looks like Chen Shuibian, initially he was president who the people expected, actually in eight year period how much money has embezzled? A country's president will embezzle will only let other country, the people scoff, will let other overseas enterprises not dare to invest Taiwan, finally will create a national demise.

    The corrupt spoiled most tremendous influence has ruined ethics morals and the personality formation, twisted the social values. In human nature corrupt spoiled that surface, tests the voter and the rich man as if specially. Once they fell have been honest, are honest, equated takes an oath the sacrifice government and the enterprise long-time establishment prestige, has sacrificed people's happiness. We knew that the altitude corruption will usually cause the investment seriously low, specially overseas investor. We are unable changed these already to occur the matter, could do is only educates the next generation, do not give them the bad example to study again.

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