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    With students from just about every vocation, eleven years seem to have flown by since I started my teaching career, and I came to realize what conscience-based education is about, and that it’s thoroughness and patience, along with individualized instruction, that actually inspire the learners most – I teach to fulfill not only an interest, but a commitment.

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    In a blink of an eye, I have been teaching for more than eleven years, to students from all walks of life. The experience has allowed me a taste of the saying, “education is a career with conscience.” Only with attentiveness and patience, added to instructions according to each kind, could students be given benefits for their study. It is not only a matter of interest. It is a call of duty.

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    First - my hats off to you as a teacher. Thank you for your sacrifices.

    The sentence breaks are not so clean cut and punctuation rules are not well observed – I think this is a common problem in Chinese writing. I will do my best below.

    教學期間學生來自各行各業,轉眼間教職生涯已逾十一個年頭,[note: should be ‘.’ period, here.]

    It has been eleven years since I started my teaching career. I have had students from many professions.

    體會到「教育是良心事業」的箇中滋味,[note: should be ‘.’ period, here.]

    I, only after then, intimately realized that education is a profession of sacrifice and conscience.


    Patience and sensitivity, in addition to the adaptive and considerate approach, my teaching has been effective to my pupils. However, to me, and myself, this is not only a personal interest, but also a mission of a live time.