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今天白天清晨受到鋒面通過影響,基隆北海岸一帶有短暫雨,其他地區都是多雲的天氣 .


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    Today daytime in the morning receives the frontal area through the influence, area the Jilong North coast has the short rain, other areas are the cloudy weather. The north, northeastern part the weather is cool, the temperature drops about 2 degrees, warm south central also drops 1 degree, will be sooner or later cool.

    希望能幫上妳的忙 Wishes your good luck(祝你好運)

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    今天白天清晨受到鋒面通過影響, 基隆北海岸一帶有短暫雨, 其他地區都是多雲的天氣 . 北部、東北部天氣較涼, 氣溫下降2度左右, 溫暖的中南部也下降1度, 早晚偏涼.

    The weather this morning is affected by the passing front. Keelung and north shore areas will have periodical shower, other areas are mostly cloudy. It will be cooler in the north and northeast. The temperature will go down a couple of degrees. The milder central and southern regions will also be one degree lower; and cooler in the morning and at night.

    2009-12-28 23:14:02 補充:

    對不起:periodical shower 應該是 brief shower.

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    Today, early morning by the front during the day by affecting, Keelung north coast with a brief rain, other areas are cloudy weather.

    The north, cooler weather in the Northeast, the temperature dropped 2 degrees, warm central and southern Taiwan also dropped a degree, sooner or later cool side

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