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dingbat 為什麼翻譯成笨蛋?






wow 你好厲害,請問dingbat很多人用嗎?感覺是過去流行過..現在很少聽到

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    Dingbat指的是: 笨蛋;蠢貨;傻瓜


    A weird thing, person or situation, a person considered stupid or foolish.

    例句: You are a real dingbat.


    a term used to describe a person (often a woman) who does not think before acting and most times acts on pure impulse.

    Some start off intellectually or emotionally retarted which eventually leads to being a dingbat. Others are born that way and are cursed with being a dingbat for life.

    例句: I dated some real dumb chicks, but that Courtney girl was the biggest "dingbat" I ever encountered.


    ding'*bat') n. Slang 1. A person, esp. a woman, lacking common sense and an ability to properly reason.

    例句: The dingbat backed into another car while talking to her girlfriend on her cell phone.


    參考資料: Urban dictionary
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    Word Origin & History


    1838, Amer.Eng., "some kind iof alcoholic drink," of unknown origin. One of that class of words (e.g. dingus, doohickey, gadget, gizmo, thingumabob) which are conjured up to supply names for items whose proper names are unknown or not recollected. Used at various periods for "money," "a professional tramp," "a muffin," "a typographical ornament," "male genitalia," "a Chinese," "an Italian," "a woman who is neither your sister nor your mother," and "a foolish person in authority." Popularized in sense of "foolish person" by TV show "All in the Family" (1971), though this usage dates from 1905.

    此字就如同它原來也具有的意義:"被遺忘的人或小東西",現在幾乎被遺忘了而聽不到有人使用.說人笨蛋就說He is a fool. 或 He is a foolish person. 誰會去用這個生僻的被遺忘的字呢?不過上面的介紹dingbat的來源和歷史,已經夠清楚了.

    參考資料: 網路字典
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    Cartoonist George Herriman had a newspaper comic strip called "The Dingbat Family", as it was originally of a small size so that printers could use it to fill space on the comics page like a dingbat. "The Dingbat Family" was an ancestor of Herriman's most famous creation, "Krazy Kat". The comic strip may have influenced the slang usage of the term "dingbat" as given below.



    Dingbat is also a slang term, no longer widely used, to describe someone who has a silly, foolish, or clownish demeanor. It was a favorite insult of the fictional character Archie Bunker in the 1970s television show All In The Family.

    後來出現在電視劇中 用來罵人笨蛋

    參考資料: google