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INVOICE( 對帳單 )英文翻譯


因為家裡人都不大會英文翻譯所~~所以想請各位大大們幫幫忙可否幫我翻譯一份真正的完整 英文




3.2009年 11月份貨款

4.備註: 請貴公司收到此對帳單後,請務必簽回傳真至我司,若三天未回傳者視同此對帳單無誤,不得借故拖延貨款,謝謝!


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    1. in the Dongguan Qishi Town the truncation administrative district yellow Jinji industrial district

    2. is indebted your firm to grant patronage feels grateful deeply, this draws up your firm to lend detailed this month as follows, asks respectfully to check:

    3.2009 year in November lends

    4. note: After inviting your firm receives this statement of account, please by all means must do sign the facsimile to me to take charge, if three day of feedback has not regarded the synchronous statement of account to be unmistakable, do not find an excuse the protracted loans, thanks!

    5. like has the objection, please fast relate with Our company, thanks!

    大概就是這些了^_^自己慢慢看唷!! ^ ^

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    1. To: Dong Guan Chi Stone Town Shan Jiang Province Golden Indu. Park

    2. Thank you for your corporate, we would like to send you the payment deatils this month. Details as following

    3. Payment moth: 2009-11

    4. Remark: When you recived this invoice, please kinldy sign back to us in 3 days. If we have not received your response, the payment will be no problem. Please have your help to pay the payment immediate. Thanks.

    5. If you have any question, please let me know. Thanks.

    參考資料: 自己
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