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貞德達魯克(Joan Of Arc)(約 1412-1431),幼名貞妮德,法國愛國者和烈士,出生於英法百年戰爭末期(1413年,月日不詳),出生地是法國香檳區和洛林邊界的杜魯彌村,有「奧爾良的女兒」(the Maid of Orleans)之稱,她在百年戰爭﹙Hundred Years' War﹚中,阻止了英軍佔領法國,因而被封為「幸運之神」,又為法國的守護神。


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    The saintess joan of arc's story was occurs in 1429, this time a England and France hundred year war was hitting is heavily engaged, in a France's far away small village, spread a several year-old villagers young girl to declare outward oneself was the God messenger, and led the British armed forces which the French army repelled invades one's territory, regained is seized loses the earth, made France to restore a free country. However, seven th ascends the throne after French King Charlie, King Charlie seven th no longer support the joan of arc, French armed forces which the joan of arc leads in does not have in the backing situation to retreat in defeat again and again, she is also captured by the British armed forces. After the British armed forces seize the joan of arc, regards her to be the target of public criticism, finally sentences her crime of by the sorceress, burns while still alive. 500 years later, the Vatican is the joan of arc rehabiliation, confers rank and title her is the saintess joan of arc, returns to normal for 500 year wrongful treatment. The joan of arc reaches Rook (Joan Of Arc) (approximately 1412-1431), young loyal ni Germany, the French patriots and the martyr, were born in the England and France hundred year war last stage (in 1413, month date are unclear), the place of birth was the French champagne area and lorraine boundary Du Lu Micun, had “Orleans's daughter” (the Maid of Orleans) the name, she in hundred year war ﹙Hundred Years& #039; War﹚, prevented British armed forces to seize France, thus is sealed as “the lucky god”, also for France's patron god.

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