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我ㄧ個人開著車兜風 時速60Kph 沒有超速

開著開著 朋友打電話過來 請我去他的生日派對

我就邊開車邊聊天 突然旁邊有個穿的很辣的正妹在買飲料

我被她吸引住了 瞄了她一下 沒有專心看前方的路

結果不小心撞到路燈 車子撞壞了 我手腳受傷住院

還收到一張250元的罰單 真是人財兩失阿


請大大幫我翻譯 我不要奇摩那種翻譯



感謝大大 在此贈送20點!!!!

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    I was driving my car under the speed limit. A friend called and invited me to his party, so we started chatting on the phone. All of a sudden, a hot chick in really fine clothes buying a drink caught my eyes. As I glanced at her, my attention was dragged away from the road. The next thing I knew, I bumped into a road lamp, crashed my car, injured my hands and feet so bad that I needed to be hospitalized. Plus, I got a 250 NT dollars bill. It was so not worth it.

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    When my A was personal to open a car to take the air soon the 60 Kphs didn't exceed the speed limit

    Open a friend to make a phone call to come over to ask me to go to his birthday party

    I drive for the side side chat suddenly and side has the very hot positive younger sister whom wears is buying beverage

    I was attracted by her to take aim the road that she didn't with concentration visit front all of a sudden

    The result carelessly hit street lamp car to destroy by knocking my hand and foot to get hurt to go to hospital

    Still receive one 250 dollar punish a list is really person's wealth two lose

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