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in bed vs on bed

I am puzzled with English grammer, who can help me? Thanks a lot.

1. She lay down fully dressed「on the bed.」vs. She lay 「in bed」 thinking.

Question: What is the difference?

2. port vs. dock vs. harbor

Question: what are they, I cannot get it after looked them up.

3. I could not go to the party becuase I have a 「commitment」

Question: what does commitment mean? appointment?

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    1. on the bed - literally means a person is on top of the bed, whether lying down, sitting, or standing; it's more concerned about the person's location.

    in bed - usually implies that the person is covered by a blanket, giving the sense that someone is in bed; this also implies that someone is ready to sleep.

    2. They are essentially the same; the same way street, avenue and boulevard are the same. Just different words describing the same thing.

    3. It's not the same as an appointment. Although an appointment could be a commitment. The word commitment is because you have promised to be somewhere or meet someone, thus committed to another engagement.

    Hope this helps!

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