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請英文高手幫我翻譯短文 如下


  尋找了很久,終於有頭緒了,我想要到很多很多國家,學習很多國家的料理,因為覺得廚師真的很帥,而且我也越來越感興趣,也會煮菜,調配香料等等的,所以慢慢的,慢慢的找到了自己想要追尋的夢想,不管以後會怎樣,不管以後會不會改變,至少我知道我喜歡學做菜。我想要做各國各式各樣的菜給家人吃 把滿滿的幸福帶給大家。

不要用翻譯程式 THX!!

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    When I am childhood, dreaming quite perhaps impractical, thinking so far. After the high school graduation, started to work, is responsible for the dining room size business. I only then slowly sought for my dream, what was? I has been sought very long, has taken shape finally, I wanted to go to many countries to study many countries' ingredients, because I thought chef was really very graceful, moreover I also was more and more interested in cooking, also boil the vegetable, mixed the spice and so on, therefore, slowly had found the dream which I wanted to track down, no matter later will be what is, no matter later can change, I knew at least I liked studying prepare food. I want to make all kinds of vegetable of various countries for family to have, to take happiness to everybody.