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hectic busy ??

what's the difference bewteen hectic and busy ??

please give some EX !

many thanks :P

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    Hectic 比 busy 強 表 很忙

    你可以說"it's been a hectic day


    I've had a pretty hectic day.

    但你不可說 I'm hectic

    你可說 I'm busy

    I am busy writing a novel

    She is busy with her work.

    She is busy with a customer at the moment.

    She's busy now - can you phone later?

    Hectic 比 busy 强 表 很忙: Not Found

    參考資料: A Taiwanese living in the US
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    hectic 是有忙到亂七八糟, 到頭昏, 混亂的意思

    busy 只是一般的忙碌


    The day before the grand opening of my store was really hectic but the business afterward has been rewarding.

    I have been too busy to call you.

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