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誰有蕾吉娜•史派克特11:11Love Affair的歌詞

如題 最近喜歡上聽這位女歌手的歌曲 因沒有預算 所以還沒去買她的專輯

不過 以後有能力必是自己的收藏之一





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    "Love Affair" – 2:22

    "Rejazz" – 3:37

    "Back of a Truck" – 5:52

    "Buildings" – 4:43

    "Sailor Song" – 2:56

    "Flyin" – 1:59

    "Wasteside" – 2:22

    "Pavlov's Daughter" – 7:43

    "2.99 Cent Blues" – 3:33

    "Braille" – 4:55

    "I Want to Sing" – 3:56

    "Sunshine" – 2:23


    Artist: Regina Spektor

    Album: 11:11

    Title: Love Affair

    There was a love affair in this building

    The kind of love affair

    Which every respectable building must keep as a legend

    Slowly festering through an innocent "by the way"

    Or "have you heard"

    He was perfect except for the fact that he was an engineer

    And mothers prefer doctors

    And lawyers

    Yet despite this imperfection

    He was clean-looking and respectable-looking

    And you'll never find a mother

    Aho doesn't appreciate a natural man

    So he grew healthy aloe vera plants by the window

    Healthy teeth in his mouth

    Healthy hair on his head

    He grew healthy wavy brown hair on his head

    The kind, the kind that babies always go for

    With sticky little fingers


    大大不好意思 只幫您找到您要的一首歌詞


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