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To bring the bright lights of mankind, but mankind can not touch the light, in order to want to make light interaction with the people can think up, decided to make a soft material of the lampshade made to touch the light, which works to do the switch and lampshade combined, so lampshade is not only used as an interactive medium and light, but also feature electric light switch, if the paint used on the painting in the lampshade, on the one hand you can interact with the pictures on the other hand can be a great Art Deco!


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    Lamps fend off darkness for people but do not allow us to touch light.

    Based on the idea to permit people to interact with light, we decided to

    develop a soft lampshade which makes light touchable. Not only a

    medium to interact with light, this lampshade also controls the lamp

    with an integrated switch. Addi tonally, if color-painted, this

    lampshade will allow users to interact with the painting and will make

    a great decoration.

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    A lamp gives light to human, but the light is untouchable with human hand. To create a light that satisfies human's desire to interact, this lamp piece is designed with a lampshade made of soft material that translates a touchable light. The power switch function is combined with the lampshade itself to serve as a medium of human and light interaction. Colorful paintings may be applied on the lampshade so that on one hand it enriches the interaction, and on the other hand it also becomes a pleasant piece of Art Deco!

    建議除了介紹她是一件作品, 也不彷給她娶個名字. 祝比賽好運!

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    The lamp takes to the humanity to be bright, but the humanity is actually unable to touch brightly, take wants to enable the light to be possible to interact with the human as to send thought that decided makes the soft material quality the chimney, makes light which traces arrives. This work makes the switch and the chimney the union, lets the chimney only then not do for with the light interaction medium, also has the switch electric lamp's function, if uses the pigment on the chimney the colored drawing on pottery, on the one hand may with the drawing interaction, on the other hand may be the very good decorative art!

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