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a christmas carol 超急拜託

1. a christmas carol talks about Christmas past ,present and future.What was your Christmas past like?present like? future will be like?Describe.

2.what kind of lesson have you learned from Scroog`s life ?

3.What do you think about the story ?Scrooge undergoes an incredible character change



拜託 超急的 拜託拜託

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    1. 聖誕的歌讚包含了聖誕的過去現在未來 你的聖誕的過去是怎樣?現在怎樣?未來又怎樣?詳述之

    I used to be all that I expected for Christmas was having funs, no matter the expected gifts, hanging out with friends, or party all night in the past. After lesson I get from “Scrooge”, it’s great opportunity for me to think about the real meaning of Christmas now. Also, right time to offer myself future plan seriously to have a completely different Christmas in future.


    The real meaning of Christmas is love to other people. Very important to care about others whom indeed need us. We all need to do so, not just hanging around all day long. To give, mean times, is to get.

    3.你覺得這個故事怎樣? 驚人史古柯的個性上的改變

    I suppose it’s huge shock to experience what Scrooge had experienced. I’d never want something like that happens to me. I prefer an easy way to take the lesson, like by a story only. And it is a nice story to inspire one’s thinking, amusing to read.

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