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求ebullient future 的動態歌詞

求ebullient future的動態歌詞






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    ebullient future (English)

    [00:-07]ebullient future (English)


    [00:-05]words: nbkz Sakai

    [00:-04]English translation: Emi Nishida

    [00:-03]music & arrangement: TENMON

    [00:-02]vocal: ELISA


    [00:01.00]Love, I've got to feel it

    [00:04.51]If you put your trust in me

    [00:07.89]I know what my life would be

    [00:11.14]Oh, you are all I ever need


    [00:16.16]I try to hear what you say

    [00:21.93]So I pray

    [00:23.97]But you're fading away

    [00:28.99]Don't go and break my fragile heart

    [00:35.15]We won't fall apart

    [00:38.44]'Cause you're my only star


    [00:48.36]I wonder why my tears come at night

    [00:52.21]Calling you, so like a little child

    [00:55.84]All the things you have in mind

    [00:59.11]I wish I could see your insides


    [01:02.32]I feel alone and empty

    [01:05.58]You're far, that's why I can't hear to be

    [01:08.83]Move on, but it's not that easy

    [01:12.39]Oh, don't you know I still believe


    [02:08.77]No one can stand in your way

    [02:14.51]Here I stay

    [02:16.45]There'll be another day

    [02:21.62]Won't cry and get rid of scars

    [02:27.74]Always in my heart

    [02:31.00]Gotta find a way to start


    [02:40.95]How am I supposed to know what's right

    [02:44.71]Missing you, and I do lose my mind

    [02:48.48]Just wanna be by your side

    [02:51.85]I will wait for your love and smile


    [02:54.90]I've been thinking of you, my dream...

    [02:58.05]Every time I take a breath, feel brand new

    [03:01.50]Open up you heart with my key

    [03:04.94]Oh, can't you hear my heartbeat


    [03:08.14]My love, you've got to feel it

    [03:11.15]And if we put our trust in you and me

    [03:14.58]You know what our lives would be

    [03:18.12]Oh, you are the one I believe




    參考資料: 千千靜聽
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    [ti:ebullient future (Japanese)]



    [00:01.30]永遠に一つの願いかなえて 永遠一個請求滿足的愿望

    [00:07.90]いつか未來を胸に抱きしめて 不知不覺未來已擁抱在胸懷中


    [00:16.20]やみの向こうに消えるあなたの聲 消失在黑暗的對面的你的聲音

    [00:29.10]腕伸ばしたけど屆かない影追いかけ 即使伸出了手臂也不能把影子捉住


    [00:48.60]走り出す世界が心傷つけても 開始奔跑的世界即使心靈受到傷害也

    [00:55.90]握るその手を離さないでいて 一直沒放開握住的那只手


    [01:02.30]どこまでも強く羽ばたけるその翼 始終能堅強拍動的那個翅膀

    [01:09.00]想いに隠した私を見つけて 發現了被感情掩蓋了的我


    [02:08.80]瞳の奧で揺れるその背中に 在瞳孔里頭搖曳的那個肩膀中

    [02:21.60]ただ伝えたくて叫んでも何もなくて 只是想傳達"什么都沒有"的呼喊


    [02:41.20]凍てついた鼓動が體切り裂いても 凍結了的跳動即使把身體裂解也

    [02:48.40]澄んだ笑顔を信じているから 始終相信清澈的笑容


    [02:54.90]あの日に描いたその希望抱いて 把那天描繪了的那個希望緊抱著

    [03:01.50]悲しみの音を勇気に変えれば 如果把悲傷的聲音變成勇氣


    [03:08.20]果てしなく空へ鳴り響けこのメロディ 沒有盡頭地能回響到天空這個旋律

    [03:14.80]溢れる涙を忘れはしないわ 忘記不了從眼眶溢出的眼淚

    參考資料: 電腦周邊-雯雯