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Kvyo 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前

有less over 的英文單字



例如:penniless powerless unless


例如: moreover overcome

越多越好 謝謝 !!

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  • Zippi
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    1 0 年前


    Over: 有over的英文單字

    Hint: over+動詞/+名詞/+形容詞

    Overcoat; overshoes; overflow; overtake; oversleep;

    overload; overwork; overbite; overeat; overwhelm; overcharge; overtime;

    overestimate; overate; overland; overseas; overreaction; overconfident;

    overtired; overtime

    less: 有less的英文單字

    Hint: 名詞+Less

    endless; ceaseless;

    fatherless; paperless; witless; childless; dauntless; fadeless; rainless;

    nameless; countless; wireless; treeless; waterless; airless; moneyless; tireless;

    voiceless; sleepless; workless;

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  • 1 0 年前

    less 例句: She ate less food than she did last month.

    no less a person than 不外是 例句:It was no less a person than the Queen.

    less and less 愈來愈少 例句:There is less and less trouble every day.

    nothing less than 至少 例句:Nothing less than that will satisfy.

    more or less 或多或少 例句:The subject is more or less difficult.

    not any the less 依然 例句:Although he disobeyed,I don't think any the less of him.

    over 例句:There is a bridge over the river.

    over and over 一在反覆 例句: She read ther letter over and over again.

    over there

    over here

    over and above

    參考資料: 我和辭典
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